eCulture Solutions a not-for-profit organisation is advancing development of a unique "Tech4Good" business proposition focused on helping, people, local communities, and business to come together on the delivery of social innovations and solutions servicing sustainable individual, family, and community wellbeing development.

With unique digital services and data solutions we aim to empower people through access to reliable data, technical support, and cooperative model of development and delivery, to facilitate an increase in the implementation of positive social change within their own communities and in the way, communities need it to happen.

We are passionate about the 'Tech4Good' digital social innovation opportunity and what this will mean for people, families, and communities in everyday work / life situations.


Our mission is to help people, charities, voluntary community, social enterprise, commercial and public sectors to engage and cooperate on the delivery of social innovations and community solutions.


We do this by enabling resources to be identified, the social and economic value of cooperation to be quantified, and establish a safe, secure and non-exploitative space for engagement and cooperation to take place.


Community led wellbeing development is both and overarching idea and hands on approach for empowering local people and communities to collectively innovative and develop sustainable social, economic, and ecological solutions.

To facilitate this we provide a data services that enables community projects and initiatives to identify local resources, specialist support and assets that can be engaged to support community wellbeing development projects.

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Years in the making, our social and economic impact data to support social investment decision making has  been built from a wide range of academic, public health and social enterprise / charity organisations studies and reports.

Our SROI model currently measures societal challenges encompassing health, care, welfare, education, criminal justice, and collectively confirms £10's of millions in social and economic benefits for UK communities, local economies, and public sector.

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There are many ways in which digital solutions and technology can help our  community initiatives and projects to do more good 

But building digital and technology opportunities into business and investment plans is both challenging and sometimes cost prohibitive to start with.

We are working to change this through engaging technologists and social investors on the delivery of a better way to support social purpose enterprise.

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There is great opportunity for individual, family and community wellbeing development if we can better connect and combine resources available within our communities.

eCulture Solutions is working to establish a resource 4 good library service to host offers of finance, skills, people, goods, or services from business, philanthropists, or everyday people that can be utilised by the 3rd sector, social groups or community projects to aid delivery of their outcomes.




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