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"eCulture –
a term used to categorise the social evolution and transformation course society is pursuing to a digitally oriented, way of life"


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Founder Paul White

Message from Founder Paul White

Here at eCulture Solutions we are passionate about the 'tech for good' digital social innovation opportunity and what this will mean for people in everyday work / life situations.


This is what underpins the creation of the eCulture concept that has become the driving force behind the desire to create a cooperative people led and owned approach to guide tech for good developments and delivery in a measured way that helps maximisation of social value and benefits.

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Establish sustainable, social, economic and ecological developments that create opportunity for people, families and communities to thrive.


To mobilise socially enterprising "tech for good" activity and support the development of resilient and sustainable local economies in which more people are included, meaningful jobs are created, and our natural environment is protected and regenerated.

eCulture Solutions Principles

  1. Voluntary and Open Membership: joining eCulture Solutions as a member is voluntary.  Membership is open, inclusive and without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

  2. Democratic Member Control: eCulture Solutions operates a sociocratic organisation structure managed by its’ members, who are actively involved in setting policies and making decisions by consent. Decisions are made when there are no remaining "paramount objections", that is, when there is informed consent from all participants (everyone has a say).

  3. Members’ Economic Participation: Members contribute equitably to, and democratically control, the capital of their own business. Members allocate surpluses for any or all of the following purposes: developing the cooperative, possibly by setting up reserves, part of which at least would be indivisible; benefiting members in proportion to their transactions with the cooperative; and supporting other activities approved by the membership.

  4. Autonomy and Independence:  We are autonomous, when we enter into agreements with other organisations, including governments, or raise capital from external sources, we do so on terms that ensure democratic control by their members and maintain their cooperative autonomy.

  5. Education, Training, and Information:  eCulture Solutions champions continuous learning, providing opportunity for education and training, so they can contribute effectively to the development of their cooperatives. We support and contribute to training opportunities for the general public, particularly young people and opinion leaders, about the nature and benefits of cooperation.

  6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives: We are passionate about strengthening the cooperative movement by working together with community cooperative networks, and considering how our supply chain can be supported by other cooperatives and social enterprise.  

  7. Concern for Community: Through OurBeing.Online eCulture Solutions is focused on building a digital wellbeing development eco-systems to support sustainable social, economic and ecological development that enable individuals, families and communities to thrive.

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