"Everything is interim. Everything is a path or a preparation for the next thing, and we never know what the next thing is"



Digital Programmes – work experience ranges from multi-national blue-chip enterprises to small medium enterprises (SME’s), public sector across health and local government. Responsible for design and delivery of service provider models from cloud “software as a service” solutions through to local infrastructure and mobilisation solutions, complex integrations / interoperability, big data, IoT / automation to deliver operational efficiency gains / service quality improvements / shared outcomes and / or quantifiable cost savings.


Risk, Assumption, Issues and Dependencies (RAID) – robust approach with extensive experience in managing third parties and external dependencies, through to operational status and business as usual (BAU) - track record of success of transitioning from development to operational business as usual capability to secure realisation of benefits and return on investment.


Planning Management / Solutions Design / Initiation and Delivery – extensive portfolio management experiences in production of strategies, business cases, procurement proposals / bid documents / solutions architectures / design / requirements, initiation documents, quality and management / delivery plans, testing and validation scenarios for sign off / acceptance and post-delivery support and maintenance / managed service contracts.


Programme / Project Management – development of associated project management office and enterprise resource planning services planned completed, planned next, risk / issues and mitigations and management of dependencies throughout initiation, delivery and transition to business as usual establishment of strong reporting and governance disciplines providing assurance in the form of an open, robust cycle of regular reporting on delivery progress and meeting of business case return on investment / aims / objectives.


Financial / Quality Management – strong record of success in management of delivery to time, quality and budget objectives, delivery of the business case and management of profit and loss on commercial service delivery programmes and projects, delivery of successive positive annual increases in profitability (EBITDA) and operational transformations for many clients.


Work experience ranges from multi-national blue-chip enterprises to small medium enterprises (SME’s), public sector across health and local government, a sample of clients include the following

"Many years of experience, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge across a broad spectrum of digital solutions, made him well placed to support the development and delivery of digitally driven transformation opportunities. ”

—  Philip, Programme and

Stakeholder Engagement Manager

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