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community led wellbeing development

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Community Data Service

Thriving communities are connected communities

We live in benevolent and caring communities and there is already much be done by communities themselves to improve the social, economic, and ecological sustainability of our living and working.

Unfortunately, however there is no single place to easily identify other local resources and assets that can be engaged to assist and collaborate on the doing of good things. Consequently, this produces a range of avoidable issues, such as duplication of efforts, organisations inefficiently competing to secure the same resources and funds, proven solutions not being identified and replicated and most of all, missed opportunities to form engagements and collaborations toward resolving interrelated social challenges and issues.

Our community data service is designed to help individuals, organisations and / or businesses with a great idea for a social group, project or an innovation that meets a local community need or challenge, identify other local groups, organisations or businesses that can be engaged in helping bring the idea or innovation to life.

Whatever the opportunity, we recognise that communities already do a tremendous number of great things to make things better, we hope that through working with you we can develop this data service to become a valuable open and accessible tool that helps to increase the good in not just what we do now, but what we can do going forward.

Local Community Groups

Where people come together and make great things happen

By providing a space and place for these groups to become known, and connected with other local organisations and businesses, we create improved opportunity for groups to thrive by generating greater potential to access local resources, and support.

Community Garden

Social Enterprise and Coops

New economies and community wealth

Transformation of our communities and places is predominantly led by Social Innovators and Social Enterprises that are leading the delivery of a new economy. They provide key local services, whilst creating new employment, investment in local communities, and support active participation in community decision-making.

Local Charity and Voluntary Sector

Creating social purpose connections and collaborations

Local charities and voluntary organisations play a significant role in helping people and communities across all determinants of wellbeing. By increasing the awareness and connectedness we can better address the cause and effect of social challenges and issues, that continue to hold back people and communities from thriving.

Painting Wall
Hallway Entrance

The Business Sector

Businesses becoming forces for good

Building greater corporate social responsibility (CSR) we help commercial business and corporations to identify, connect and engage in the transformation of the local economy for the greater benefit of people, communities, and the environment.

Community Places and Spaces

Creating opportunity for better use of places and spaces

Enabling people and communities to identify their local assets and engage these in supporting individual, family, and community wellbeing development. There is no limit to what becomes a useful asset, anything from a bench in park, a friendly farmers barn, or village hall to a ballroom in the town!

Green Buildings

Public Sector

Community led early intervention and prevention

Close local connections of people, families and communities is where the early recognition of emerging wellbeing need occurs. The creation of better empowered care through connections to community support is how reductions in demand on overstretched public services becomes a reality, and pathway toward sustainability becomes a realisable ambition.

Do you have a community project or idea that you would like help with, or an existing group or organisations wanting to do more in your community?

Or are you an individual interested in joining the team and helping to deliver this valuable community data service?

Or do you wish to just know more about what we do and our unique approach to helping communities?

In any case we are keen to hear from you, please reach out  and lets talk and explore the art of the possible.