"The more I deal with the work as something that is my own, as something that is personal, the more successful it is."


Working on Bean Bag Chairs

To make co-design a reality, we need approaches, organisations and communities to bring the 'living experience' of people to be the driver of the design process. Doing that requires different ways of thinking and being, of acknowledging there is no one-size-fits all approach.

With many years of experience in solutions design, development and delivery, eCulture Solutions can provides a range of skills and expertise to help social transformation and change needed to succeed:

  1. Share power in research, decision-making, design, delivery, and evaluation.

  2. Prioritise relationships and establish social connections and trust among participants, stakeholders, and organisers.

  3. Use participatory approaches that encourages people to join and express themselves in what-form works for them, through visuals, kinaesthetics or oral approaches, to compliment written, presentational or traditional reporting processes.

  4. Build capability by ensuring participants are supported and encouraged to adopt new ways of doing, learn in the process and have their voices heard, founded on a principal everyone has something to teach and learn.

Establishing a state of continuous improvement with our social solutions

Maximising the value of what is taught and learned is greatly aided when co-design and delivery progresses on a continuous improvement basis. Being agile in response to change and iterative in delivery of solutions ensures risk to delivery of social return on investments is minimised, and delivery of positive outcomes and benefits are frequent, and many.

In our approach we value

Individuals and interactions - over processes and tools
Working solutions - over comprehensive documentation
People collaboration - over contract negotiation
Responding to change - over following a plan

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, delivery values the items on the left more.

In the structures we create, success in our social, economic, ecological and consequently wellbeing development efforts increases when we enable autonomy and invest in learning, and inclusivity becomes achieved by decisions becoming made when there are no remaining "paramount objections", that is, when there is informed consent from all involved (every-one has a say).

There are a fantastic array of resources available to support the application of new ways of doing things, that better support innovation and entrepreneurialism of people, communities, social enterprise and cooperatives and delivery of positive and sustainable social, economic and ecological change.

Can we be your social innovation partner and help you to a people led change approach?

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OUR communitiesWELLBEING

Development of place based solutions through  cooperative engagements

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ComMunity Needs

Qualifying social investment need with social return on investment (SROI) opportunity.

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Co-DESIGN & Co-production SOLUTIONS

Engaging peoples living experience to implement services and solutions fit for purpose

Social Justice Scales

MEASURING Social Return on Investment

Building meaningful social return on investment measures to secure greater social investment for change

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Helping communities to thrive through process of  continuous sustainable wellbeing development.