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Some of our experiences

“Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.”

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In recent years eCulture Solutions has worked with a wide range of non-profits, multi-national blue-chip companies to small medium enterprises (SME’s) and a broad range of public sector (health and local government) organisations, some examples include:
Commercial Buildings

Commercial / Not-For-Profit Digital Developments

Engaged by a number of business and not-for-profit start-ups to assist on the development of bids for funding, recruitment, solutions portfolio and business development, involving a broad spectrum of digital innovation opportunities from big data / analytics, information security and data protection solutions to operational line of business, community service applications.

Public Library

Public Sector Transformations

Leading public sector digital transformation programmes for Integrated Health and Wellbeing with responsibility for the development and delivery of digital strategy and solutions focused on integration of health and care systems and service delivery requirements.

Systems and Services Portfolio Developments

Engaged by a number of businesses seeking to develop opportunities for servicing emergent digital transformation requirements across the public / NGO sector, in particular addressing health / care and wellbeing needs and other local government service provisions, facilitating development of community solutions and partnership / market engagements.

Image by Masakaze Kawakami

Software Solutions Development

Leading software developments such as an exciting lifesaving solution, in a product ownership capacity and responsible for leading development of the business and technical requirements, and AGILE development delivery and implementation of a Cloud "Azure" web service, and data interoperability solution to link and supply 14 UK mission critical health providers with real-time data updates.

Image by UX Indonesia
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