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A virtual reality space for place making

How we engage, interact and collaborate has changed dramatically in recent years and until now - remote working via video conferencing has been a very imperfect and somewhat cold and clinical way of engaging and communicating.

VR Park offers a new and fresh approach to enabling workforces to truly solve the challenges of remote collaboration through an immersive virtual reality - from virtually anywhere!

Want to dive straight in and see what this is all about, select enter below to register a free account, and look out for eCulture Solutions Founder - Paul White (its warm hence the shorts!) to have an interactive chat, and together explore the art of the possible!

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At eCulture Solutions we think this is a great place to foster citizen and community engagement and collaboration between all those interested in development and enhancement of social and community solutions and services, for example:

  • social entrepreneurs and innovators to develop ideas

  • tech4good collaborations for working up requirements for social / community tech solutions

  • place making and asset based community developments (ABCD)

  • social care / NHS integrated care system (ICS) / VCSE cross working initiatives

  • charity, voluntary community and social enterprise (VCSE) network engagements

  • host for citizen / third sector assemblies, alliances, community groups etc.

  • businesses development of social purpose and value (CSR / B-Corp)

  • new economy, cooperatives and social value development

  • NetZero and ecological developments


and anything else you can come up with?

It is early days for this virtual world solution. But that gives us the opportunity to shape and influence it's development going forward.

Customisable Spaces

Brandable and customisable spaces are available to all individuals, organisations, projects, initiatives or community groups.


A great forum for people, social entrepreneurs and community innovator, to connect and share ideas and opportunities for place making.


People can interact with their own voices through avatars, and access to virtual screens for presentations and interactive working.


Teams can have the opportunity to meet work teams from different organisations or community initiatives in nearby offices or open spaces.

Hybrid Working

You can promote telework amongst your team through immersive virtual reality, enjoying a more pleasant and interactive space in real time..

Give people and work teams an always-on space where ideas flow and work gets done

Make work days fun,

productive, and engaging

Tasks are great—and they get done in VR Park—but it’s easier to capitalise on the water cooler effect with colleagues and people on campus. Think of it as space for serendipity.

Encourage place making teamwork between remote teams

Find the sweet spot for remote work in a virtual office. Hold meetings or manage projects in the same room. Go see local community groups, local authority or NHS community representatives, local business, or any other team in the park.

Cultivate a remote culture people and teams can enjoy engaging in

Getting to properly know the members of your community one of the most valuable parts of placemaking, VR park makes this much easier to happen.

Reduce costs and Increase sustainability

A virtual campus can replace commercial real estate leases and eliminate costly and unproductive business travel. As engagement and collaborations grow, VR Park scales seamlessly.

Not ready to dive in, but would you like to know more?

Is this the right place to develop ideas?
Are you new to this technology and need to figure out how it can fit into your current working practices?

Concerned it may be cost-prohibitive?

Feel free to reach out, and we can set up a virtual meeting to explore how this approach can offer advantages for your specific requirements.

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