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Resource 4 Good Library of Services!

Wind turbine

When our communities do well, we all do well

For all to thrive, we need an increased focus on the delivery of social value

To address the structural forces rather than the symptoms of society's challenges, we need to connect better and combine resources available within our communities.

To make this happen, we are establishing a resource for good library service that can host offers of finance, skills, people, goods, or services from businesses, philanthropists, or everyday people that the 3rd sector can utilise, social groups or community projects to aid in the delivery of their missions and outcomes.

Image by Mika Baumeister

Your Community Needs You

There are so many ways to make things better

We are a nation of inventors and entrepreneurs. Hundreds of thousands of local community non-profits doing social good came into being because somebody stepped outside their front door, saw a need, and acted.

But there is always more that needs doing. In today's economically challenged world, we must help social innovators and entrepreneurs find and access the resources necessary to do more.

DIT SOS - On Steroids!

We all care about something?

We do not need to wait for the arrival of Nick Knowles and his fantastic crew of benevolent partners to come to our aid.

Establishing a simple, easy and accessible way to host resources that businesses and people can donate or gift would catalyse the delivery of even greater good within our communities.

Image by Isaac Smith
Sanding Machine

What Can You Do?

What do you care about?

Do you have skills, knowledge, expertise, or energy to offer?

Are you a local business owner employing people from the community, and do you want to help your team and the place they live?

Or can you share resources or gift products or services to help community projects and initiatives flourish? 

Healthy Business

The better connected we are, the healthier we are.

Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, know there are ways to make a difference.

Challenge your stakeholders. All of whom come from a community. What could the business do differently to create the most positive social and environmental impact?

And get them to tell us, and we will add it to the 'for good' resource library!

Image by Jacqueline Munguía

Are you a local business, philanthropist or just somebody with something to offer your local community?

We can help you to connect with beneficiaries to make your offer and to realise your social value mission.

Do you know what you want to do but need to know how to do it, or perhaps help to find where to start?

Contact to explore the art of the possible and become part of a new way of doing things that will benefit us all today and future generations.

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