"Nothing consoles and comforts like certainty does"


Leading the way in changing how organisations think about digital, transformation is driven from a user-first approach to requirements, design, delivery and assurance of solutions.

I do not operate a “one size fits all”, I am agile, flexible and adaptable in the provision of a “best fit” service approach that is designed to provide robust assurance at any stage of the delivery lifecycle.


A Tailorable Service Delivery Approach


A hybrid Waterfall / Agile methodology, enabling teams to define requirements and adapt to changing through continuous feedback and delivery, within a governance framework that provides the clarity of a traditional waterfall delivery method, to effectively reduce the risk of digital investments.


For pure software development requirements, an Agile approach using incremental, iterative work sequences to effect the earliest possible delivery of a solution, that is then subsequently adapted and changed as new requirements are discovered or learned, offers one of the lowest risk approaches for investment, but is typically the most challenging of approaches for organisations to accommodate.


With Agile requirements, I can in addition to providing assurance on the engineering activities, also assist the organisation to adapt governance and business management structures, so that these are better aligned to support continued use of the Agile engineering methods going forward.


Alternatively, when clients want total confidence in the investment they are making, and absolute guarantees on the outcomes, a pure Waterfall approach can still be the best option. A key determinant typically being an assessment that the risk of a change, with potential to undermine the viability of the investment, is low enough to remain acceptable in the benefits delivery timeline.


Whatever the approach, I work collaboratively with clients all over the UK to deliver transformative digital solutions. Whether you have an initiative underway and just need additional help, or you are seeking assistance to develop your digital strategy, call me to explore how I can help.


Helping clients to map business opportunity created by digital innovation delivering new ways of working.


Enabling businesses to qualify digital innovation opportunity into tangible benefits and  deliverables.


Systematic identification, planning 

and  implementation of actions designed to engage with stakeholders.

Solution DESIGN

Solution integrity assurance, inwardly on the consistency of delivery, 

outwardly on coherence of interfaces and dependencies. 


AGILE, Waterfall or a hybrid approach of both, tailorable delivery services to obtain best fit for control and assurance requirements.

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Paul is a great team player and always takes the time to develop others within the team where he can.

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Paul worked tirelessly and was always prepared to go that extra mile to explore innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Paul’s open and collaborative approach was instrumental in helping to form true partnerships between all organisations involved.

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Paul is an articulate, focused and intelligent consultant who will give 150% everytime.

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Paul has a fantastic energy, builds great relationships with clients & colleagues.