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Building sustainable community led wellbeing development

Data Analyst

Social Return on Investment (SROI) Data Services

Quantifying value of making social investments and social impact of outcomes

To complement social value standards like the National TOMs, our SROI model has been built from academic studies undertaken across a wide range of well-being determinants encompassing many aspects of health, care, education, welfare, and community safety. Our model confirms social and economic opportunities amounting to millions of pounds in social impact benefits potential.

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Re-evaluating Society

Social challenges need to be seen as opportunities

Positive and lasting social change can only happen when we start to recognise societal challenges as opportunities for innovation and growth, rather than just issues that create costs.

Our model quantifies societal issues into measurable social and economic opportunities to establish a new benefits-driven approach to supporting investment in social innovation and community-led entrepreneurialism.

Social return on investment (SROI)

Making social investment stronger

Our measures improve our ability to solve significant social issues like poverty, inequality, social exclusion, homelessness, etc. We can quantify the social and economic impact on our communities and provide outcome measures to demonstrate the value of investments made. This helps us to better understand the impact of our investments and make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources.

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Early intervention and prevention

Empowering communities

The not-for-profit sector and communities are already proactive in delivering early interventions and building preventative capability. We can better support local innovators and social entrepreneurs with the information and data that helps them to secure resources and investments.

Continuous social improvement

Meaningful measure of outcomes

Our quantification of the social, economic and ecological benefits of investment also translates to meaningful outcome measures, enabling initiatives to learn what went right and what did not. Through this mechanism, we can move towards a continuous and sustainable social improvement process.

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Social value measure

National TOMs Framework

Our SROI measure aims to complement the use of the National TOMs Framework working for buyers and suppliers at every stage of the procurement life cycle.

Our SROI measures aim to establish a benchmark for population well-being to support social investment and qualification of well-being development outcomes.

Do you have a social value or measure needed to aid your business case for investment?

Or are you looking for other ways to describe the benefits of your work or service in the community?

Or do you wish just to know more about what we do and our unique approach to helping communities?

In any case, we are keen to hear from you. So please reach out, and let's talk and explore the art of the possible.

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