"Truly, we are rich - far richer than we think; rich in what we already possess, richer still in the possibilities of production of our actual mechanical outfit; richest of all in what we might win from our soil, from our manufactures, from our science, from our technical knowledge, were they but applied to bringing about the wellbeing of all."


Image by John Schnobrich

eCulture Solutions is bringing to market a unique OurBeing.Online social wellbeing platform to provide a safe, secure, and inter-generational digital solution to link people with support, local community services, and technology solutions aiding development of individual, family, and community wellbeing.

  1. Run by a not-for-profit & member led cooperative, the platform and services will entirely be focused on delivery of social value and benefit to is user community

  2.  It will offer a non exploitative approach to data management in which individuals retain full ownership of their digital identifies and full control on how their data is shared and accessed

  3. The solution will always be 'free to use' for individuals and non-profits organisations

  4. People will be able to connect with local community groups and services

  5. People will be able to create and offer local community services

servicing a mission for delivery of empowerment to people, families and communities


eCulture is looking for new members to join the initiative and help, guide, develop and deliver the OurBeing.Online solution, we are keen to hear from:

People - with living experience, community organisers, entrepreneurs, activist - seeking to exploit technology in ways that help and support people and communities

Social Investors - wishing to support positive social change at scale, and becoming part of a significant opportunity to transform lives and help people, families and communities to thrive sustainably

'Tech for Good' Innovators / Entrepreneurs - to join and utilise your skills and ability for innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and technological development on the delivery of a solution to connect and empower people to care for themselves, their families and communities to the best of their abilities.

Want to be a part of this "tech for good" opportunity?