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Social Purpose Tech 4 Good!

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Safe, secure, inclusive Tech4Good

Your needs, your data, your connections, our social purpose

Suppose we want to leverage digital technology to aid individual, family, and community well-being development to the best effect. In that case, we need an approach that puts the interests of social purpose above all else.

We want to mobilise socially enterprising "tech for good" activity to support the development of resilient and sustainable local economies in which more people become included, meaningful jobs are created, and our natural environment is protected and regenerated.

Young Designer

Not for Profit Sector Tech

leveraging tech for more good.

The Tech4Good community has a mission to amplify the social impact of non-profit organisations by leveraging technology.

We can help with the difficult task of qualifying the tech opportunity in business plans and bids for funding. Once successful with your proposal, we help you secure access to the right and most cost-effective resources for your delivery.

Co-design /

Design guided by the living experience.

Delivering fit-for-purpose 'social solutions' better succeeds when people, communities and organisations engage the 'living experience' of people to guide the co-design process.

Bringing many years of experience in solutions design, development and delivery, we offer a range of skills and expertise to help social innovators, entrepreneurs, community initiatives or projects to leverage tech 4 more good.

Business Plan
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Agile and iterative

Establishing processes for continuous improvement.

We frequently cannot start with all the answers in advance, so we leverage the value of learning as we revisit the design and refine it to establish a continuous improvement process.

Being agile in response to change and iterative in the delivery of solutions means we can minimise the risk of social investments, and the delivery of positive outcomes and benefits can be frequent, and many.


A new approach to get the solutions we need.

In the structures we create, success in our social, economic, ecological and consequently well-being development efforts increases when we enable autonomy and invest in learning. Inclusivity becomes achieved by decisions made when there are no remaining "paramount objections"; that is, when there is informed consent from all involved (everyone has a say).

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Are you a local innovator, entrepreneur or have an idea you think could be helped by a digital approach or tech solution?

Or are you a technologist who can see great social value in digital solutions better supporting our communities?

Or do you wish to know more about what we do and our unique approach to helping communities?

In any case, we are keen to hear from you. Please reach out, and let's talk and explore the art of the possible.

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